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when u tryna help out ya ugly friend


I’m the friend

please delete this rn

funniest vine everrrr

Get this out my fuckin face

jesus christ.

on the same note… I hope that all I’m doing will continue to motivate and push him to continue to do better and achieve his goals…

to me, that’s what helps to make a “power couple.” you have two people doing their thing and making moves, and can know that the other person is going to make sure that they’re on their shit and doing what they need to do. if I’m falling off or slacking, I know that he’ll pull me back up, and vice versa.

when you have all of that into play- who can really stop us?

I’m glad that my boyfriend is doing something with his life. That pushes me to want & continue to do better.. That should be motivation for anyone, when you see your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife etc— aiming for a better life and going after their goals… you should want that as well.

I’m not just sitting on the side while he’s busting ass, but I have this “push” from him as far as school, working, my art, just life in general. Just wanting to do better & get better. And I think this will definitely pave the way for the future.

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