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i can’t wait for the day that he and i can have our own spot. no alarms. and i can just get up in the morning- kiss his sleepy face and make breakfast… french toast. steak. easy over eggs. smoked sausage. fresh fruit. and juice (coffee for him).

it’s coming one day soon.


i’ve never loved anyone more than you…

cared about more..
wanted more..
needed more..
trusted more..
laughed with more..
desired more..
felt a connection with more.. physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, intimately..
believed in more..
blessed to be with more..
lucky to have by my side more..

never loved anyone, more than you…

everyday I am THRILLED knowing that you are mine, and I’m yours.

all this time has passed, and I still ask myself occasionally- is this for real? did God really bless me like this?

everynight I pray and thank God.

when you’re not used to having a good thing, a real thing- it’s a nervous feeling at first. but dammit if I dont love it. dammit if I don’t love you.

That amazing feeling.
Of waking up in the middle of the night.
Opening your eyes, and seeing this beautiful person- this person you dream about and are crazy in love with…
Calmly sleeping right beside you.

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